Super D screen guard

Super D fine polishing big curved edge screen guard, 9H hardness crystal transparency,perfectly fit your cellphone in a natural out look

Super D screen protector

Mietubl super D screen protector is made of high aluminum silicon glass, 4 hours of tempering treatment, provides a reliable protection for your phone screen.

Beautiful black panel

Customized beautiful high-grade black backplate, clear silk screen text, make the appearance of the product more beautiful.

Beautiful curved Edge

The super-D shining edge screen protector is finishing process with a big curved edge.

The smooth safety around the edges follow the radian of the screen it has, perfectly matches the contours of your device. Allowing you to enjoy the best visual effect.

Crystal HD clear

Crystal ultra clear, provide the nature visual experience of the screen itself, it’s like it’s not even there!

Smooth feeling

The high quality glass can restore the cool feeling of glass itself, improve the using experience. Users can enjoy reliable protection and still have a silky feeling.


Three times stronger than ordinary PET film. So strong enough to prevent scratches, scratches and rupture.

The tempered glass screen protector will effectively protect the screen when the phone accidental drop or impact.

The strengthened edge can better resist the external impact, therefore provide a better protection.

Precise opening

Accurately holing according to actual mobile phone.full coverage.

Easy to install, perfect fit your mobile phone without white edge and bubble.