Paper-like screen protector

Mietubl paper-like screen protector special design for writing and drawing on the tablet,offers sensitive touch,feels just like you are writing on paper.

Paper like screen protector

Tablet is a powerful tool for improving our work, Whether it is used to record your inspiration, make design sketches, or write down your notes. Writing is an essential function. Through the paper like screen protector, you can enjoy the same writing experience as on paper.

Smooth writing experience

Artists worldwide love the improved precision and tactile feel of using paper, the paper like screen protector allows you to perfect control for every detail, enriches your experience when drawing a line or writing down a note.

Anti-glare, anti-fingerprint

Anti glare function suppress light reflection, in mind of the display quality and will not ruin your viewing experience under the bright sun.

No one likes the fingerprints and smudges on the screen, when watching a video on YouTube or surfing the Internet. The paper like screen protector is specially designed to improve your experience. A continuous anti-fingerprint effect will keep the screen as clear as it should be.

Like writing on paper, thin like paper

Unlike glass screen guards, the paper like screen protector not only higher in damping coefficient, which make the pencil vibrate ever so slightly like writing on paper, but also thin as paper. You can keep a quick responsive.

Magnetic installation, detachable

Based on magnetic adsorption, the paper feel screen protector is easy to apply. It will smoothly fit on the surface of the tablet, just like the iPad case do, and no residue when removing the screen protector.

When you’re off the working clock, you can remove it and put it in the storage folder. It will not take up too much space in your briefcase and easy to carry.

Finely polished edges

We always insist on creating high-quality products. Like the craftsmanship we use on other products, the edge of the anti static screen protector is also finely polished to form a beautiful curved edge, so it can perfectly fit your mobile phone screen. And will not cut your hands,

Source factory,full model list

As a source factory in the screen protector for more than 20 years, we have a list of all tablet models and support OEM services. You can find any tablet model you need,and you are alway welcome to contact us for the model list.