Antistatic screen protector

Mietubl antistatic screen protector, focus on every details, provide customers with products that exceed their expectations.

Advanced transparent screen protector

The anti static screen protector is with high definition, clear retain every detail of the original screen, giving you a natural viewing experience.

It is not only rigorous screening from the material itself, but also to consider the impact of fine particles after cleaning the screen thoroughly.

Incredible Anti-Static

Static is one of the main culprits that cause dust particles to attract, but the moment you remove the screen protective film, small particles will be attracted to the protective film due to static, leaving unsightly particles.

To solve this problem, the anti static screen protector uses innovative materials to eliminate harmful static, starting from the details to make the installation easier.

Unparalleled protection

This screen protector is made from high quality high aluminum glass, which has stronger shatters, unintentional shock, scratches resistant ability. And provides reliable protection for your cellphone.

Sensitivity touch response

The new screen protector promises full compatibility with touchscreen sensitivity.

Smooth in operation and glass hardness preserver the experience of the original touchscreen, you can hardly notice it is there.

Extremely water and grease resistant

Smudge-proof, prevents fingerprint build-up, and allows for easy cleaning ensures perfect image quality and brightness.

Easy to use

As we have mentioned earlier, the anti static screen protector is designed to make it easier to use from details. A high-tech anti-static material to assist in removing dust can simplify installation. The bubble-free silicon adhesive layer ensures fast adherence.

Finely polished edges

We always insist on creating high-quality products. Like the craftsmanship we use on other products, the edge of the anti static screen protector is also finely polished to form a beautiful curved edge, so it can perfectly fit your mobile phone screen. And will not cut your hands,