TPU Screen protector machine

MTB-CUT M188 TPU screen protector machine allows you to cut all kinds of mobile phone screen protectors, reduce inventory, meet the large needs of screen protector for different phone models.Supports direct connection to Canon G580 and G680 printers.

Mini TPU Screen protector machine

MTB-CUT M188 TPU Screen protector machine is a small and portable device.The net weight is only 4.7kg. But it has powerful functions.It can be used to cut the screen protector and back film of various electronic products.

One machine for all screen protector solution

Based on our self-developed cloud system, MTB-CUT M188 TPU screen protector cutting machine has more than 20,000 templates inside, covering different brands of mobile phones, tablets, smart watches, and car navigation products around the world.

And you enjoy free data upgrade service when a new mobile phone model comes on the market.

Local template storage function

Although the cloud service supports the entire system, the local templates storage function allows you to run the machine without rely on the Internet. Even if you leave the WIFI environment, you can still use the machine cutting all kinds of templates.

Unlimited use

There is neither any yearly subscription nor cutting charge for the MINI film cutter.

It is free to use and is not tied to any materials, which makes the use of the machine easier.

Make it easier to use

It is very easy to use this smart screen protector cutting machine.

A large 6-inch screen will support all the operations you need. And supports more than dozens of languages.

Management system support

MTB-CUT M188 has a cloud-based management system that supports your management.

Humanized structural design makes the product smaller.

One-stop service

We provide customers with a profitable business. From the smart screen protector cutting machine to the material and back film required for cutting.

Make personalized service capabilities at your fingertips.

Useful and fashion design

Although popular colors are changing all the time, the simple and generous white will never go out of style. The delicate texture on the surface gives the product a comfortable touch feel.