Mobile phone screen protector machine

Mietubl MTB-CUT M180T mobile phone screen protector machine is an all-in-one device that allows customers to create tailored screen protectors for various mobile phone models on demand.

Upgraded mobile phone screen protector machine

The new mobile phone screen protector machine is an upgraded version from the MTB-CUT 180T screen protector machine. The new machine is equipped with a large, touch-sensitive display that allows customers to navigate through the customization process. The interface is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, and the performance has been optimized to ensure faster response and more stable.

Massive screen protector models

The machine has an extensive compatibility database that includes the dimensions and specifications for a wide variety of mobile phone models. This database is constantly updated to include the latest devices on the market, ensuring that customers can create screen protectors for the latest phone models

Various screen protector sheets

Users can choose from a variety of screen protector types for their cellphones. Such as matte screen protector, privacy screen protector, self-healing screen protector, UV screen protector and anti-glare screen protector, can be chosen to suit the user’s style and preferences.

High Precision Cutting System

Compared with the original MTB-CUT 180T screen protector cutting machine, MTB-CUT M180T uses a servo motor with a larger torque to create screen protectors with the ultimate accuracy. The upgraded system ensures that the screen protectors fit the selected mobile phone model perfectly.

Local database and timely data update

As the newest screen protector making machine, MTB-CUT M180T screen protector cutting machine has the function highlights of all past versions, including the local database. The local template storage function allows running the machine without depend on cloud services, even in the case of high network latency or no network access can still run normally. And in the case of network recovery, the latest data is automatically obtained from the server in time.

DIY back film pattern

MTB-CUT M180T inherits the DIY back film pattern function from the previous version, by connecting the screen protector cutting machine with a specific printer model, user will have the option to upload an image or pattern of their choice from mobile phone, by printing the images on an adhesive backing, and apply to their mobile phone cover


The mobile phone screen protector machine is perfect for retail stores, mobile phone accessory shops, kiosks in shopping malls, and other locations where customers may need screen protectors for their mobile devices. Its ease of use and versatility make it an ideal solution for providing tailored screen protection to customers in a fast and efficient manner.