HD Clear hydrogel screen protector sheet

Keep light transmittance to the maximum. Protect the phone screen while maintaining outstanding primary color. Smooth touch feeling. You can hardly notice it is there.

Options:180 mm * 120 mm / 300 mm * 200 mm

Anti blue-ray hydrogel screen protector sheet

Eye protection, filtering blue irritation without affect the real color. Sensitive to touch, protect the phone screen without affecting phone operation.

Options:180 mm * 120 mm / 300 mm * 200 mm

Matte hydrogel screen protector sheet

Easy to install, excellent anti-fingerprint ability, anti-glare under strong light, Unique touch feel makes it suitable for game lovers.

Options:180 mm * 120 mm / 300 mm * 200 mm

Privacy hydrogel screen protector sheet

Design for privacy protection, HD clear from front view,and only black screen from side views, not only protect your phone screen, but also protect privacy from prying eyes.

HD clear privacy hydrogel screen protector sheet

With both clear visual effect and privacy protection function, it is necessary to use anti-peep test tools to determine the angle.Based on the material’s physical properties

Anti blue-ray matte screen protector sheet

Unique, smooth touch feeling, good anti-fingerprint ability. An additional blue filter layer is added to effectively isolate harmful light and relieve eye fatigue.

HD explosion-proof screen protector sheet

High-strength resistance to sharp objects, good scratch resistance, high-transparency and clear original image quality.

Matte explosion-proof hydrogel screen protector

Anti-sweat, anti-fouling, anti-fingerprint, excellent scratch resistance.

Self-healing hydrogel screen protector sheet

Good self-healing ability, can quickly repair minor scratches, high light transmission material, easy to install, no bubbles.

Option: HD clear / Matte / Anti blue-ray

UV screen protector sheet

Use with screen protector UV laminating machine, it can have a glass-like touch and scratch resistance comparable to tempered glass screen protector after curing.

360°full coverage screen protector sheet

360° all-round protection, one film covers the front and back of the mobile phone, can also be used to make screen protector for tablet under 8 inches.

Option: HD clear / Matte

Hydrogel screen protector sheet for smartwatch

Specially designed for cutting screen protector for smart watches, multiple auxiliary separation lines, easy installation, higher material usage efficiency.