Cloud Solutions

The driver behind cloud computing is the ability to access compute resources on demand without upfront capital expenditure. And as more companies adopt distributed applications able of crossing compute limits, it’s critical to have the systems, hardware and management architecture in place to take advantage of the cloud.

Secure, Scalable & Sophisticated

Cloud Solutions for Modern Enterprises

Welx provides cutting-edge cloud solutions ranging from private cloud hosting, managed services to migration of existing IT infrastructure to cloud.

Cloud Services Saves Time, Money & Efforts

For a modern enterprise, nothing is more important than efficiency at minimum operational cost. Cloud computing gives global businesses the power to cut down on hardware cost, without compromising on their operational capabilities. Once a company migrates to cloud-centric operations, its data management, security, computing capabilities, and virtually everything can scale up as per the growth needs, without huge investments in manpower & resources.

Reliable Cloud Backup Solutions for Safeguarding from Data Losses

Our integrated cloud backup solutions are suitable for organizations of all sizes across industry domains. Not only will your organization be more agile, but also all your critical business data will stay protected even in case of data loss disaster. Our cloud solutions are cost-efficient, secure, and saves you the hassle associated with hardware failures.