Separated channels wireless earbuds

Mietubl MTB-BL02 separated channels wireless earbuds, double channel stable transmission, high speed, low delay,stereo sound effect.

Upgraded TWS technology

TWS+ technology upgrade base on TWS, dual-channel simultaneous transmission, high speed, low delay, more stable connection. Built-in noise-canceling function, clearer calling.

Advanced capsule technology

Hyper storage stability, the paring operation can be completed in the charging capsule.

With built-in power control system, the earbuds will automatically get into standby mode when they are not working, and can be activated by simply opening the cover, the advanced power technology allow the earphones to have a longer battery life. When fully charged, the whole set can last for one year in standby mode.

Excellent noise-canceling earbuds

The wireless earbuds come with HD rendering technology and noise-canceling function, to carry a crystal crisp treble sound quality

Enjoy clean music everywhere with the earbuds, even in noisy environments like city centres.

Separated channels

The earbuds are designed with separated left and right channels, leading you into an Immersive Stereo music event. You can use either single channel mode or twin stereo mode. The speakers can deliver powerful bass, clear mids, and bright treble.

With touch control, can easily control play/pause, skip to previous/next track.

Bluetooth 5.3 Technology

Based on the transmission technology of Bluetooth 5.3, it supports the connection with IOS/Android/Windows and other devices.

When the cover is open, the paring function of wireless earbuds will be active. And the paired device will connect with each other automatically.

Ergonomic Design

The wireless earbuds are compact and light, design conform to the ear structure allow it a comfortable wearing experience, enjoy the music when as running, reading, commuting or working time.