Portable solar power generator panel

The portable solar power generator panel is designed to provide continuous energy supply for electronic equipment in outdoor environment, such as camping, hiking, exploration.

What’s solar power generator panel for?

The solar power generator panel is used to capture renewable energy from the sunlight and turn it into clean electric energy. Where there is sunshine, there is a steady stream of power supply. Ideal for road trips, camping.

How does the solar power generator panel work?

Covered by monocrystalline silicon solar cells, the solar generators typically capture the sun’s energy, converts it into clean energy that is compatible with electronic devices. Simply unroll and expose to sunlight, the portable solar power generator panel will start charging the device.

Higher conversion

The solar generators come with premium monocrystalline silicon units, with higher conversion efficiency that up to 23% than other conventional panels.

Please note that output will vary with light intensity and angle.

Dual USB output ports

Two USB ports are hidden in the sealed cabin, which is design for keeping mobile phones as well as power banks. The pros are that you can hang the solar power generator panel on the backpack and keep charging while hiking.

Compact and portable

With a folded size of 20×23.8x4cm, The compact solar power generator is not much bigger than a book. The canvas surface is wear-resistant and dirt-resistant, it’s ideal for camping, outdoor working or wherever you need to power up devices on the go.

Clean energy at your fingertips

Energy generated from fossil fuels is not easily portable and is often accompanied by noise and environmental pollution. Yet, solar energy is renewable and zero-emission.The solar power generator provides you with a safe, renewable way to keep devices online when living off the grid.