PD60W cell phone charger cable

MTB-DCTTPD07 cell phone charger cable is designed to deliver higher power levels, enabling faster charging, it is compatible with cellphones, laptops, and tablets that support faster charging.

PD60W cell phone charger cable

Mietubl MTB-DCTTPD07 cell phone charger cable is designed for faster Charging High-Power devices. With an output of up to 60 watts. It is particularly advantageous for charging laptops, which often have larger battery capacities than smartphones or tablets.

Versatility Across Devices

The higher power output of a PD60W cable makes it more versatile across a wide range of devices. It can efficiently charge smartphones, tablets, and laptops, offering broader compatibility compared to cables with lower power ratings.

Bidirectional Power Delivery

PD60W cables support bidirectional power delivery, allowing them to supply power to a device or receive power for charging the connected device. This bidirectional functionality enhances the versatility of the cable.

Dynamic Voltage and Current Adjustment

PD technology negotiates and adjusts the voltage and current dynamically based on the device’s power requirements. This ensures optimal and efficient charging, adapting to the specific needs of the connected device.

Fast Data Transfer

In addition to fast charging, PD60W cables support high-speed data transfer. This makes them suitable for syncing data between devices, providing a comprehensive solution for both power and data needs.

USB Type-C Connector

PD60W cables typically use USB Type-C connectors, which are reversible and versatile. USB-C is becoming a standard connector for many devices, And it is compatible with the latest iPhones.

Safety Features

Mietubl MTB-DCTTPD07 cell phone charger cable comes with safety features including overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, this helps prevent damage to the connected devices and the cable itself.