Large capacity portable power station

Mietubl MTB-OD03 Large capacity portable power station is featured with AC, DC, and USB ports, which can provide you with stable power supply during hiking, camping, picnics, and outdoor parties.

What is the Portable power station used for?

The Portable power station is equipped with AC, DC, USB and other power outlets, which can provide continuous energy supply for your electronic equipment in outdoor environments, such as mobile phones, laptops, mini refrigerators, ovens, drones, etc.

Powerful power supply

The MTB-OD03 portable power station with 135000 mAh capacity, which can fully charge 53 mobile phones, or fully charge 5 laptops, or provide up to 50 hours of power supply for car refrigerators.

Multiple charging ports

The large-capacity portable power station is featured with multiple charging sockets, including an AC charging socket, 3 USB charging sockets, a PD25W charging socket, and a car charger socket. With multiple ports, you can charge all the devices you need at once.

Pure sine wave

MTB-OD03 Large capacity portable power station uses pure sine wave, which provides a stable energy supply for charging devices and protects your devices from been harm.

Battery Management System

The built-in BMS is designed to reasonably manage the power supply to ensure safe use, including overcurrent protection, short current protection, over-discharge protection, overcharge protection, overvoltage protection, and thermal protection.

Green, environmentally friendly energy supply

Compared with other energy supply methods, the large capacity portable power station is more green and environmentally friendly, enjoy a noiseless and clean emergency back power plan when outdoor.

Various lighting modes

The mobile power station has a variety of built-in lighting modes. At night, the lighting mode can be switched according to needs to drive away animals, or be used as a signal indicator